As the first company in the field of supplying and equipping livestock abattoirs with advanced equipment, Mana Persia Research and Development Company was inaugurated as a professional company in 2001. Enjoying the new technology of the world and having a close relationship with the countries possessing technology in this field, the specialists of this company have shown their pro- fessional and effective presence more prominent during the recent years. Now, among the biggest projects of this guild, one can refer to the experiences of this personnel. Among the aims pursued by the experts of this company are updating the technology of the production units in this gild to decrease the costs of production than ever and also promoting their production quality while- they will not be realized except by the support of these producers.

Indication of this quality and conformity of the company`s products with new technology of the world include more than 200 big and small contracts throughout Iran and distribution of the company`s products to the first-level markets of the world so that at the present time, the most professional top projects in terms of technology and economics in this guild are fulfilled by the experts of Mana Persia Company.

The close relationship of the experts of Mana Persia Company with European Experts has turned this company`s commercial team to one of the strongest teams in regard to supplying and equipping the Protein and Meat and Poultry Processing Factories. Accordingly, a lot of abattoirs, packaging and segmenting companies and sausage and salami productions have promoted many of their production lines by consultation of this company`s experts to decrease the production costs and to supply their own equipment.